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CLEP Testing Now Available in Saskatchewan

StudentExamsCLEP, which stands for College Level Examination Program, has arrived in Saskatchewan as of February 2008. This program is widely recognized in United States where there are upwards of 2900 colleges granting college credit for individuals who successfully write CLEP tests. There are even several American Colleges who will grant complete distance degrees using CLEP combined with other testing methods such as the DANTES. Students using the CLEP testing method are not required to attend classes; rather they are able to prepare/study independently to write these college level exams. When the student is ready, they make an appointment to write the test and earn college credits, all on a schedule designed to suit their life.

Taking CLEP tests can verify student competence, help gain admission into colleges and/or provide college credits which reduce the time and cost of college. Saskatchewan Polytechnic no longer adminsters CLEP test. Consult the CLEP website for other options. Students can take 34 different tests in a variety of subject areas. These credits can then be transferred to any college that accepts CLEP credits.

To find out more about CLEP testing and how to prepare for tests go CollegeBoard. If you would like coaching to set up an entire degree using these methods try "unbound". (While this is a successful/proven method of obtaining college credit and degrees it is better suited to courses of study such as Business/Arts rather than Sciences which may require laboratory and hands on training.)

If you would like to contact by email someone who has taken CLEP tests try: